Singapore Art-Science Museum Underside and Pond


Fine Art recommended qualities, archival properties 75 years+

  • Image size 16″x20″
  • Double mount (off white colour) with 4″ margins
  • Frame moulding is 40mm wide and 20mm solid wood
  • UV resistant pigment ink
  • Printed on 271gsm resin coated ultra white photographic paper
  • Double mount (off white colour) with 4″ margins
  • Special art glass (water white)
  • Selection of frame colours


  • A canvas wrap is available size 24″x30″ and 30mm deep
  • Black sides
  • Printed on a poly-cotton canvas with UV resistant ink
  • Lacquered for durability
  • Cleanable with a damp cloth


Facts about the image, Singapore Art-Science Museum Underside and Pond

This image of the Singapore Art-Science Museum Underside and Pond has been taken using the last light of the day with the sun’s golden rays illuminating the side of  lift shaft that carries visitors from the entrance pavilion to the galleries located in the petals of the Lilly. This image has been shot with the intention of showing the extraordinary level of detail the architects have gone to, the whole building is designed to resemble a Lotus Lilly with the petals opening  around a hollow stalk formed by the large dark grey leaning columns and the inner criss cross pattern of steel tubes. Each petal is of a different size with one extending further into the sky than its neighbour, even the underside of the petals are at different levels to resemble the pattern of petals overlapping one another as they attach to the stem. To further remind visitors of what is above them a Lilly pond has been constructed below the museum which is well stocked with ornamental fish, some of the smaller of which were disappearing into the belly of a feeding bird whilst this image was created, this pond further gives the illusion that the emergency stairs lead into it’s waters when in fact they connect to paths which lead away from the building.

This is undoubtedly one of the world’s most amazing pieces of architecture designed by Israeli architect Mosche Safdie which opened in 2011 on reclaimed land as part of the major Marina Bay development in the heart of Singapore. This image was displayed in a walnut frame to a great reception at the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce Expo in the newly opened Southwater development in Telford, the image is intended to make viewers look twice and question what they are looking at, this is one of few buildings in the world that can be photographed from the underside.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 133 × 89 × 7 cm
Frame colour

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