Photographic Print

Photographic Print

Photographic print wall art ready to hang on any wall thus enhancing working and residential living spaces.

Framed prints manufactured to a modified Fine Arts Trade Guild, Conservation Level as recommended for limited edition artwork, Conservation level frames designed to protect and enhance artwork for a minimum twenty years under normal conditions. Because Fine Arts Trade Guild specifications base themselves on traditional art-forms, we’ve changed the fixing of the artwork. This modification is to prevent the photographic print wrinkling inside the frames over time. Wrinkling would only be possible because photographic papers have different properties to traditional art papers.

Photographic canvases are not to Fine Art Trades Guild specifications because sagging characteristics of printed and painted canvas differ. The design of our canvases also improved transportability and make them less prone to damage. A layer to varnish makes our canvases easy to clean with a damp cloth.

The inks used in our framed prints and canvases are UV resistant so your pints won’t fade or change colour over time. Normal conditions defined as, 10- 25 degrees, 40% -60% humidity and not exposed to direct sunlight. Thus provided the prints aren’t hung in a conservatory, normal conditions apply in most UK properties.


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