Change of Product Specification – New Paper

The product specification of my framed prints is changing. Over the next few days I will be editing the specification with a new type of paper. This is due to, my manufacturing partner no longer stocking or printing on satin photo paper. I will be changing to an ultra white paper, this is a PermaJet product. The inks used are still a durable high quality pigment based product with long UV resistance.

The product specification is just below the price range on the right hand side of every product page. The paper has a base weight of 271 gsm and is resin coated for both UV/fade and water resistance. This benefits you by avoiding price increases at this time, with no compromise on quality.

The main reason for this is my manufacturing partner, has replaced his HP printers with Epsom printers and the satin paper previously used was an HP product.

Product Specification - change of paper







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