Commercial Photography and Fine Art Print Sales

To some commercial photography and fine art print sales may seem to be anything other than a marriage made in heaven but to Stuart Brown Photographic this is a perfectly logical combination and one that gives our clients a full commercial photographic service as well as providing high quality wall art for non-commercial clients. With our special focus on architectural photography, we are perfectly set up to provide clients who either design, construct, own or operate buildings with images that can be used on their websites, in marketing literature or hung on their boardroom and office walls. With a footing in the gallery business Stuart Brown Photographic has expertise in framing and finishing prints for wall hanging to the highest standards using inks that are resistant to ultra violet radiation and frames that are manufactured from carefully selected materials that will not stain or degrade the artwork inside them.

Why would a manufacturer not want to hang a photograph of a product that he is proud of in his office and showrooms where his clients can view it? is there and architect that does not want to have images of buildings he has designed hanging in his boardroom to impress clients with? Would a large company not want to have images of its buildings on show in its headquarters? Stuart Brown Photographic believes that by offering fine art print sales to commercial clients we are able to enrich their premises, enhance the experience they offer visitors and ultimately increase sales. As Stuart Brown Photographic also shoots some of the world’s most spectacular architecture and landscapes for our own portfolio, after all we to need to impress our clients, it seams only logical to offer these images as fine art prints that private customers can use to adorn the walls in their own homes.

All our frames are manufactured using materials that have been approved by the Fine Arts Trade Guild to Conservation Level and are assembled by an experienced local framer following the Conservation Level standard with one minor deviation that is intended to further improve the product quality. This is the standard recommended for limited edition art work of a moderate to high value and is designed to protect and enhance the artwork for a minimum period of twenty years under normal conditions (i.e. not exposed to direct sunlight, temperature range of 10-25 degrees celsius and relative humidity range of 40%-60%).

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