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Stuart Brown Prints is the print sales website of Stuart Brown Photographic which offers a selection of high quality framed prints and canvas wall art. These products are manufactured by a local framer closely following the Fine Arts Trade Guild conservation level which is recommended for limited edition artwork.

The Stuart Brown Prints collection has developed as a result of my travels and images I’ve created between commercial shoots. Due to the licensing agreements with commercial clients, much of the Stuart Brown Photographic portfolio is excluded from this collection. The collection constantly changes with new subject matter, therefore please check in regularly to see what’s new. Products can be delivered to any mainland UK address, due to their nature international postage is uneconomic.


Conservation level frames are designed to protect and enhance artwork for a minimum period of twenty years under normal conditions. The biggest but not only difference between conservation level and other frames is the quality of the card used in the mounts. There is little visible difference between a conservation and budget frame when new. The difference only becomes apparent after several years when the artwork still looks as good as new.

To simplify the ordering process as much as possible, I offer wall art in standard sizes. While standard sizes suit most premises, if you need a larger or smaller print for any reason, please contact me with your requirements. I’ve selected a range of contemporary timber frame mouldings and mounts that I feel compliment photographic images at a reasonable price. Different mouldings and mounts can be supplied if desired, please contact me for further information. Each image has a preview in all the standard frame options for you to see before ordering. Frame mouldings are available in oak, walnut and wenge, in order to compliment most interior designs. Beach wood was previously offered but is being phased out by my suppliers.


Photographic canvases deviate from Fine Arts Trade Guild specifications, a sheet of hardboard is installed between the stretcher bars to provide rigidity and resist tearing and perforation of the canvas should anything accidentally strike your print. A layer of clear varnish is applied to all canvasses to enable easy cleaning with a damp cloth.


Images have been categorised as architectural, landscape and other for your browsing convenience. If you would like me to shoot a specific scene and produce a print, please contact me.

Finally, an image in each of the standard frames:

Stuart Brown Prints - Oak Frame

Oak Frame

Stuart Brown Prints - Walnut Frame

Walnut Frame

Stuart Brown Prints - Wenge Frame

Wenge Frame

I’ve sorted the collection to the following categories so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for

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It seams like many people these days know little about large format photography.

I’ve therefore published a short video on shooting with the best large format camera in the business.

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